Kelly Fitzpatrick is committed to zealously representing their clients, whether they be appointed or retained. Kelly practices criminal defense in Clackamas County Circuit Court, Oregon City Municipal Court, West Linn Municipal Court, and Lake Oswego Municipal Court.

Kelly graduated law school early whilst enduring the additional hardships of Covid-19, historic wildfires, ice storms, and death in their immediate family. Kelly became an attorney after taking the bar at the same time as being a Certified Law Student clerking in Clackamas County. Kelly has lived in Oregon for about 15 years, but spent almost 4 years of that time living and traveling through 16 countries. Kelly learned Spanish whilst living in Mexico and Ecuador. Kelly has also cycled over 7,500 miles through 27 United States, carrying their own camping gear, bicycle tools, food, and water.

Kelly's determination to explore every opportunity and endure every tribulation of life ensures that their client's best interests are Kelly's number one priority.